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Static Website

A static website give your business a web percents without the cost.
Static Websites

A static website, is one that has content that is not expected to change frequently and is manually changed. Any changes would have to be requested through LSEB Web and may be chargeable.

  • Cheaper to set up and develop.
  • Usually quicker to load in the browser.

  • Changes to the content of the page may be chargeable.
  • No visitor information can be captured.
  • Can become expensive if the content needs to be changed frequently.

If you would like LSEB Web to advise you on which solution would be best for your business, please contact us, and we will be willing to help.

Our team of professional designers will work you to understand your requirements and what you are looking to achieve through your website and advise you on which solution would be most effective for your business.

Search engines are one of the primary ways that Internet users find websites. That's why a website with good search engine listings may see a dramatic increase in traffic.

PPC involves the management of keyword-targeted advertising campaigns through one or more PPC service providers; currently in the UK there are 3 main providers: Google, MSN and Yahoo.

An e-commerce site enables you to sell your products online. LSEB Web can provide you with a complete eCommerce website solution to help you sell your products directly to your customers via your website, and to administer and maintain your website and customer orders with ease.